Tina C.

"Trainer Joe's changed my life in only three months."

Day 1:
I have only been here for one session so far, But let me tell you, I have never had such a great and effective workout ( I say effective, already, because my muscles are still shaking from this mornings session). Joe defiantly kicks your butt, but its exactly what you’d want from a trainer. It is also a very comfortable and positive environment! I can’t wait for my next session, I highly recommend Trainer Joe’s!

Day 90
Trainer Joe’s is seriously life changing. I have tried everything and anything to loose weight and nothing ever worked, or lasted. Trainer Joe’s changed my life in only three months. Not only did I loose weight, but I also learned how to keep it off. Having Joe as my trainer has been nothing but wonderful. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and health, he will help you lose it and keep it off. I came to Joe looking for a coach to compete in a fitness competition. He quickly became a huge support and took me from out of shape , to getting ready for the stage. I see results I still cant believe. Trainer Joe’s staff is also very accommodating and friendly, and will support and help you with all your fitness goals. If your looking to get in shape, and have a good time doing it, then I HIGHLY suggest you come to Trainer Joe’s!!!

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