Katy H.

"he knew exactly what to do to get me the slender and toned arms I hoped for on my wedding day"

​​If you are serious about getting fit and healthy, Trainer Joe’s is the only place you should bother looking. I’ve used other personal trainers, expensive workout DVDs, weight loss programs, boot camps and shake cleanses, but I am so lucky to have found Trainer Joe 6 months before my wedding! His master trainer status has left him with an unparalleled ability to be able to actually sculpt your body into the shape you are hoping for. Workouts always tended to bulk me up instead of trim and tone me but he knew exactly what to do to get me the slender and toned arms I hoped for on my wedding day (along with everything else I hoped for on the beach)! Aside from actually being able to help me achieve the weight loss and sculpting goals I had for myself, the most important benefit I got from our workouts was relief from my back problems. In the past, workouts would leave me with back spasms that would end up interfering with my progress and seemingly make it not worth the uncertainty of knowing how I would end up feeling the next day. Since beginning my work outs with Joe, it is like I have a brand new back! In the beginning there were exercises I could not do and some I could only do a few of before the pain kicked in. Now, we are both amazed that my back is no longer an issue during workouts, but also outside of workouts as well. Chiropractors, physical therapy and medicine couldn’t do more than temporarily ease my discomfort, but he seemed to be able to correct the root of the problem. That was an unexpected bonus that I didn’t know was possible and I will always be grateful for. Trainer Joe’s also provided me with invaluable nutritional advice and is such a friendly environment that I actually look forward to every single workout. I don’t want to sound like an infomercial, so I will stop! I just truly feel so blessed to have stumbled across a random recommendation for Trainer Joe’s online almost a year ago, that I wanted to be able to pay it forward for someone else… Just don’t book my time slots!

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