Joe helps me to be my best me! I have been training with Joe for over 2 years and I continue to see and feel the benefits all the time. So much more energy, better muscle tone, improved strength and a clearer mind. I had been in the studio live prior to Covid but now prefer the remote sessions. It is so much more convenient and comfortable and totally fits into my schedule. The staff actively work with clients to make weekly training sessions work despite changing schedules. During sessions, Joe observes the functional status of your body, asks questions based on your movement patterns and stamina. He then modifies your workout based on all these factors to insure you get the most out of your work out session. Really, who does this? Joe does this! He and the staff care about each and every one of their clients. You won’t get this personal attention at a conventional gym, for sure! This is why everyone in my life.. family, friends and colleagues know, no one messes with my Trainer Joe sessions. I come first at a set time 2x per week. What a gift!

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