Christopher Ramirez

"Alleviated my back pain entirely!"

When I met Joe, I was in pretty bad shape, both mentally and physically. My back pain was keeping me from enjoying my regular hobbies like snowboarding and golfing. After one session, Joe taught me ways to minimize and eventually alleviate my back pain entirely! Over the course of 3 months I saw myself getting motivated to eat better and gain more insight on how to better my overall health. Joe was there every step of the way by suggesting foods that aid recovery and build muscle. Joe has taught me not only about food and weight loss but being patient with myself and learning to become comfortable with my progress. Now Joe can’t take all the credit. Sabina also played a vital role in being on point with scheduling workouts that worked with my schedule and was constantly reminding me of upcoming workouts and payments and even gave tips on what to expect. This program works if you put in the effort just as these amazing individuals have and continue to do. I enjoyed every workout and will continue to grow using the knowledge given to me by Joe.

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