Gina B.

"Meeting Joe has changed my life!"

I can’t recommend Trainer Joe enough!!!! I saw Joe’s offer for an introductory training session on my Facebook page and thought it couldn’t hurt to try it. I never realized how meeting Trainer Joe could change my life.

First, I’ve never met someone who understands the actual science (physics, biology, chemistry) of exercise the way that Joe does. He not only thinks about WHAT specific exercise he’s going to select for you, he understands precisely WHY. He also understands the complex intricacies of combining a series of exercises and the desired effect he’s after for exactly which muscle or group of muscles. For those who have worked out with other trainers who don’t possess this skill (and I’ve never encountered another), this difference is ENORMOUS.

Joe also has a way of knowing exactly how far he can push you and every one of your muscles. When you feel like you can’t do one more, he gets the exact number from you that HE expected. As a result, you leave each session feeling physically exhausted but mentally supercharged.

As I said at the start of this review, meeting Joe has changed my life. It’s more than a workout. If you’re ready to get serious about achieving your goals and be pushed to the limits, Joe’s your man!!

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