Groups and Individuals Welcomed Online Military Discount Available

We have a great program designed explicitly on civil service tests, armed forces boot camp, and academy readiness. We also have a program that is second to none for maintaining physical fitness in these respected fields. Much like athletes go to a sports-specific trainer, law enforcement, armed forces, and civil service employees should visit a career-specific trainer. Trainer Joe’s is your home away from home!

​Master Trainer Joe’s experience has been with the following but not limited to:

​​A Young Female Coast Guard Member came to me trying to pass a particular test where her conditioning would be pushed to the max. As the months of training passed and she was on the verge of collapsing, she started hysterically crying, saying that she wanted it so bad that she couldn’t handle the emotions anymore. That’s when we knew she was ready to accomplish something special! and she most certainly did – Trainer Joe

One of my clients had ambitions to join the NYPD but felt he did not have the conditioning to accomplish this. We trained hard, and he was in great shape going into the academy. I assured him that he was very prepared for the physical aspects of the academy. He called me a few weeks into the academy to complain and explained that he was lapping his classmates in walking lunges and had to be told to stop his push-ups because they don’t have all day. He said he was in the best shape of his life and was at the top of his class. I was shocked he had something to complain about and asked him what the problem was. He explained that what I put him through far surpassed what they expected of him at the academy and wanted to ask me, ” Was all that necessary?” and laughed hysterically. – Trainer Joe