John Quense

"In terms of just living life I now approach food differently."

I have been training with Joe for more than a year now and can’t say enough for how much it has changed my workouts, mindset and way of life. Stats: I am down to 165lbs from 195lbs, Can do over 300 pushups in a workout and can do more burpies and jump-squats then I care to say.

In terms of just living life I approach food differently. Joe made it easy for me to tell him how I really was doing, knew when to push and way to tell me to take a step back. I took my little brother snowboarding last weekend and couldn’t believe I wasn’t sore at all. I did yoga and the lunges don’t get to me at all. All credit to the work I have done with Joe and how it has translated into the other activities I like. You rock!! And I suggest you to all my family and friends. – John Q.

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